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Every single ingredient that goes into any Zuii Organic formula is completely organic. Certified Organic, to be exact. With a blend of real flowers, power plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and so many other organic goodies – making their products are quite revolutionary. They work to hydrate, soothe, nourish and protect the skin.

Zuii are Australian Made, preservative free and have no petrochemicals, parabens, talc or GM ingredients anywhere near their products. They are certified Cruelty Free and provide Vegan options to suit all needs, so their products actually benefit the health of your skin.

You will find a symbol on each product page that will allow you to determine whether that product or any of its variants are vegan.
Each symbol represents either Vegan Certified, Vegan Friendly or Vegan Options, just look for the symbols listed below!
You will also find a complete list of Vegan products on this page for your reference.

Zuii’s Vegan range is growing everyday! Their formulators are always looking for ways to switch their existing products over to Vegan as well!
Zuii already have some items which are in the process of being switched to Vegan, so keep checking back in!

* There is a complete list of Zuii’s Vegan & Vegan Option products under the ‘Shop’ tab in the main menu above….