Custom Creations Jewellery, Bookmarks & Pendulums….


All these gorgeous pieces are hand-crafted by Sharon & all are uniquely “one of a kind”!

Looking for a special gift, or wanting to treat yourself with something unique? Then look no further! All my creations are a complimentary blend of quality beads & crystals which have lovingly been crafted into the “one of a kind” pieces which you are about to view. My intention is that you enjoy your very own unique piece every bit as much as I have thoroughly enjoy every second of the creation process of putting these together for you.

Might I say, if you see something you particularly like then I encourage you purchase, as if another beautiful customer decides to give your favourite piece a home, then that design will no longer be available, or able to be easily replicated.

Pieces will be added & removed regularly based on NEW creations being added to replace those creations which have been sold, so I invite you to check beck regularly to keep up with updated pieces. Enjoy your browse through all the lushness….