Big Girls Little Coloring Book


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Across the world women everywhere are rediscovering coloring as a way to unwind and reconnect with the free-flowing creativity we experienced as children. The Big Girls Little Coloring Book contains twenty-one evocative mandalas. Each is accompanied by a thought provoking message and affirmation.

Engaging with the creative process is a form of open-eyed meditation that is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, and coloring mandalas is a delightful, fun way to experience “me time” while enjoying a welcome break from the demands of everyday routines.

Each page of the Big Girls Little Coloring Book is a personal playground where you can experiment with new ideas, discover forgotten dreams, and immerse yourself in a world of imagination. The mandalas are portable, they can be colored on long flights, on outdoor picnics, or while propped up on the couch on a day indoors. Many women enjoy getting together for a Big Girls Little Coloring Circle, and the book has been designed to let your hands do the thinking and allow the busy mind to rest and play for awhile.

Dimensions: 28cm x 21.5cm


Title: Big Girls Little Coloring Book
Publisher: Beyond Words
Author: Carol Omer
ISBN: 9781582706214
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 01/09/2015
Weight 325 g


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