Messages from the Mermaids (Oracle Cards)


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Consisting of 44 cards and a guidebook, this oracle deck focuses on the positive watery wisdom of the mermaids and is a divination tool for beginners who feel drawn to these magical sea creatures, as well as those who are already working with mermaid energy.

Throughout history, mermaids have had worldwide appeal and appeared in folklore. They are appearing more now in pop culture as a greater number of people are attuning to their magical energy. This oracle serves as a spiritual bridge between the reader and the world of elemental mermaids to connect with their wisdom and receive spiritual insights from them. Mermaids dwell in water-the element representing the fluidity of emotions, which is therefore the perfect tool to dive into the depths of our subconscious and reveal any issues that need to be observed in a loving, gentle way.

Each card in this deck offers easy-to-follow, gentle guidance to help you interpret its message on a personal and spiritual level. The cards have uplifting, positive, and encouraging messages with an extra splash of mermaid magic! The guidebook also provides ideas for layouts, from basic quick readings to more in-depth insights, including custom spreads like the Seashell Spiral Spread unique to this deck.

Title: IC: Messages from the Mermaids
Publisher: Hay House
Author: Karen Kay
ISBN: 9781788173414
Format: Cards
Publication Date: 16/06/2020

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