ZAO – Bio Eyebrow Powder


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What is it? A velvety smooth colouring powder to define and structure your eyebrows with a natural finish.

★ It helps to naturally sculpt, shape, expand the line of your eyebrows, fill in any holes or sparse areas in the brows and make them look even fuller.

✿ Formulated with organic apricot seed oil, organic shea butter, and bamboo powder to ensures an easy and smooth application that blends naturally and evenly.

Refillable Bamboo Casing – Net 3 gr – Including an elegant organic cloth pouch
Refill (Can be used alone) – Net 3 gr – Get 20% off the refillable bamboo casing price



How to use: Healthily manicured eyebrows are key to framing your eyes and face, defining your look.
To choose the right shade, choose the same color or a shade darker than the color of your hair.
The eyebrow powder is best used with the Duo Eyebrow Brush 156712.

Easy to Refill / Swap

The innovative refillable system makes every product environmentally friendly and economical.
It becomes effortless to replace your product by buying only the refill, keeping the bamboo casing for infinite reuse.
Besides, the refill allows you to enjoy our cosmetics with 20% OFF the Refillable Bamboo casing price.

Eyeshadows, Eyebrow Powder, Cream Eye Primer

Eyebrow Powder & Casing (Refillable Bamboo or Refill Only)

260 Blond (Bamboo Case), 261 Ash Blond (Bamboo Case), 262 Brown (Bamboo Case), 260 Blond (Refill Only), 261 Ash Blond (Refill Only), 262 Brown (Refill Only)


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