ZAO – Bio Eyeliner


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What is it? Intense smooth eyeliner to defines & enhance your eyes with precision.

★ Designed to suit the most sensitive eyes, using only premium quality raw ingredients.

Zao Felt Tip Eyeliner intense black provides a modulable layout from the thinnest to the thickest. It slides perfectly on the eyelid and allows a subtle and graphic layout. The felt tip design makes applying eyeliner easy, even for those who struggle to apply liquid eyeliner with a brush.

The Eyeliner brush tip highlights your eyes thanks to the extreme finesse of the applicator brush which guarantees a subtle and precise outline. Available in 6 colours.

✿ Formula enriched with organic aloe vera that cares for SENSITIVE eyes and delivers intense colour.

Refillable glass bottle – Net 3.8 ml – Including an elegant organic cloth pouch
Refill (Can be used alone) – Net 3.8 ml – Get 20% off the refillable bamboo casing price



How to use: Shake prior to use. The thickness of the line depends on the amount of pressure you apply. So, for a thin line, press the brush lightly; for a thicker line, apply slightly more pressure. On the upper eyelid, paint the line on the closed eyelid close to the roots of your eyelashes. Start from the inner corner and move towards the outer corner of the eye.

Zao beauty tip: To get to the roots of your lashes more easily, close your eye lid and gently pull the skin up at your eyebrow. To get a perfect line, start at the centre of the eye lid and draw the line outwards to either side. Then draw from the ends to the centre of the lid to complete the line. Thin lines are recommended for small eyes. The thicker the line, the more of the eye lid is covered, making the eye look even smaller.

Easy to Refill / Swap

The innovative refillable system makes every product environmentally friendly and economical.
It becomes effortless to replace your product by buying only the refill, keeping the bamboo casing for infinite reuse.
Besides, the refill allows you to enjoy our cosmetics with 20% OFF the Refillable Bamboo casing price.

Eyeliner, Fluid Eye Primer, Lip Gloss, Lip Polish, Lip’ink, Lip Care Oil, Lip Balm Liquid, Illuminating Light Touch

Eyeliner & Casing (Refillable Bamboo or Refill Only)

066 Black Intense (Felt Tip – Bamboo Case), 070 Black Intense (Brush Tip – Bamboo Case), 071 Dark Brown (Brush Tip – Bamboo Case), 072 Electric Blue (Brush Tip – Bamboo Case), 074 Plum (Brush Tip – Bamboo Case), 075 Khaki Green (Brush Tip – Bamboo Case), 066 Black Intense (Felt Tip – Refill Only), 070 Black Intense (Brush Tip – Refill Only), 071 Dark Brown (Brush Tip – Refill Only), 072 Electric Blue (Brush Tip – Refill Only), 074 Plum (Brush Tip – Refill Only), 075 Khaki Green (Brush Tip – Refill Only)


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