ZAO – Bio Lengthening Aloe Vera Mascara


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What is it? The perfect everyday natural mascara.

★ The formula developed and the specific shape of the brush allows an Effortless lash-by-lash intensity and provide length and definition. This mascara of 100% natural origin and rich in organic aloe vera allows daily use, including for those whose eyes are very sensitive and contact lens wearers.

✿ Its nourishing formula cares for your lashes with organic aloe vera, organic castor oil, and organic shea butter whilst coating your lashes from root to tip with intense colour.

Formulated without synthetic preservatives and with high-quality raw materials, this mascara reduces the risk of redness and irritation to your eyes.

Refillable bamboo casing – Net 7 ml – Including an elegant organic cloth pouch
Refill (Can be used alone) – Net 7 ml – Get 20% off the refillable bamboo casing price



How to use: Start with the upper lashes, holding the brush horizontally close to the root, move up in a zigzag motion while you are looking down. Concentrate on the ends to enlarge the eye and on the centre to open up the eyes. Gently tap the eyelashes when applying mascara to the lower lashes, ensuring that you don’t overload them.

Zao beauty tip: Mascara is the key item in your beauty kit, just a touch of mascara can work wonders! Some tips for a quick and easy beauty routine: before you put on mascara, always make sure your eyelashes are dry and free of cream or oil, then dust them with powder. This preparation will ensure your mascara won’t smudge and will last even longer.
Open the mascara gently and in one movement! Avoid pumping to keep the product on the brush, but make sure that you haven’t overloaded it. If so, gently remove any excess with a tissue and not at the opening of the bottle.
If you have a few drops of mascara on your skin after you’ve applied it, wait until it is dry, then gently wipe it off with a cotton swab. If you are already wearing foundation, you can also dab a little on the cotton swab before removing the mascara to ensure your complexion remains even.

Easy to Refill / Swap

The innovative refillable system makes every product environmentally friendly and economical.
It becomes effortless to replace your product by buying only the refill, keeping the bamboo casing for infinite reuse.
Besides, the refill allows you to enjoy our cosmetics with 20% OFF the Refillable Bamboo casing price.


Lengthening Aloe Vera Mascara & Casing (Refillable Bamboo or Refill Only)

090 Black (Bamboo Case), 091 Dark Brown (Bamboo Case), 090 Black (Refill Only), 091 Dark Brown (Refill Only)


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